Getting Started

The purpose of this blog is to provide a set of tutorials for using RogueSharp to create a basic Roguelike game with MonoGameRLNet, or SadConsole. The tutorials are meant to introduce and promote the most frequently used features of RogueSharp.

RogueSharp v5.0 Pre-Release

RogueSharp v4 Sample Game Ported to Unity

RogueSharp v3.0 RLNet Tutorials

Complete Code for Sample Game with RLNet + RogueSharp

  1. Introduction and Goals
  2. Creating the Project
  3. Multiple Consoles
  4. Color Palette
  5. Simple Map Drawing
  6. Player
  7. Player Input
  8. Simple Map Generation
  9. Connecting Rooms with Hallways
  10. Message Log
  11. Player Stats
  12. Monster Generation
  13. Monster Stats
  14. Simple Combat
  15. Scheduling System
  16. Monster Behaviors
  17. Doors
  18. Stairs

RogueSharp v3.0 Sample Game Ported To SadConsole

RogueSharp v2.0 MonoGame Tutorials

RogueSharp v2.0 RLNET Tutorials

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Additional Resources

If you want to get started on your own without the tutorials, all of the code documentation is available on the wiki and a NuGet package is also available.

The source code has moved from Bitbucket to Github.

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