RogueSharp 1.1 Released – Cave-Like Map Creation Using Cellular Automata

RogueSharp Version 1.1

Version 1.1 of RogueSharp was just released. It now includes a new map creation strategy for creating cave-like maps based off of an article on RogueBasin with some custom modifications.


IMapCreationStrategy<Map> mapCreationStrategy = 
   new CaveMapCreationStrategy<Map>( 50, 30, 45, 4, 2 );
IMap map = Map.Create( mapCreationStrategy );


  • width – The width of the Map (in Cells not pixels) to be created
  • height – The height of the Map (in Cells not pixels) to be created</param>
  • fillProbability – Recommend using values between 40 and 60. Percent chance that a given cell will be a floor when randomizing all cells before starting the cellular automata algorithm.
  • totalIterations – Recommend using values between 2 and 5. Number of times to execute the cellular automata algorithm.
  • cutoffOfBigAreaFill – Recommend using value less than 4. The iteration number to switch from the large area fill algorithm to a nearest neighbor algorithm
  • random (optional) – A class implementing IRandom that will be used to generate pseudo-random numbers necessary to create the Map. If this parameter is omitted then a default implementation of .NET’s System.Random will be used.

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